Basic Electronics MCQs

Basic Electronics mcqs


“Electronics” is derived from electron mechanics which means study and behaviour of electron under different conditions of externally applied fields. The word electronics derived from electron which is present in all materials. Standard definition of electronics is ” that field of science & engineering, which deals with electron devices and their utilization ,here electron device is a device in which conduction takes place by the movement of electrons, through a vacuum, gas, or a semiconductor”.

ELECTRONICS defined as:” The branch of science and engineering which deals with the flow of electrons through vacuum or gas or semiconductors is known as electronics”.


Communication and entertainment: Radio and TV broadcasting provides a means of both Communications as well as entertainment.

Industrial application: Use of automatic control systems in industries is increasing day by day. Electronic circuits are used in industrial application like control of thickness ,quality, weight and moisture content of a material. Electronically controlled systems, power stations are few examples.

Medical applications: Doctors and scientist finding new use of electronic system in the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. Some of the instruments are X-ray, ECG etc.

Defence applications: RADAR( which is the short form of radio detection and ranging )It is possible not only to detect but also to find the exact location of the enemy aircraft. The anti aircraft guns can then be accurately directed to shoot down the aircraft .Guided missiles are completely controlled by electronics circuits.

Instrumentation:  VTVM,CRO, frequency counter, signal generator, pH-meter ,strain gauges etc without which no research laboratory is complete.

Application in automobiles: Most important application in automobiles is electronic ignition, which provides better timing of the ignition Spark specially at high speeds.

Digital electronics:  Digital clock ,counters ,calculators & computers.

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