Digital Electronics mcqs

Digital Electronics mcqs

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binary representation

Digital Electronics MCQS

  • Number System and Representation MCQs
  • Boolean Algebra and Logic Gates MCQs
  • Combinational Logic Circuits MCQs
  • Flip-Flops and Sequential Circuits MCQs
  • Register and Counters MCQs
  • Memory and Programmable Logic MCQs
Digital Electronics mcqs

Introduction to Digital Electronics

Digital systems like Digital computers, calculators ,mobiles etc. A digital system is a combination of devices which are designed to manipulate information that is represented in digital form/Binary form, where data can be in one of the two form. i.e.0 or 1.

Boolean algebra

Digital electronics includes Boolean algebra which was invented by Boole, it is the tool for designing and analysing digital circuits.

Flip Flops

Flip flops are the basic memory elements, it includes RS flip flop ,JK flip flop, master- slave ,T flip flop etc.

Registers Counters ADC

Similarly we have shift registers,shift registers are also memory elements that shifts one position at a time when one clock pulse . Then we have counters digital counters are often required to count pulses or events ,it is composed of flip flops ICs. There are two types of counters asynchronous and synchronous.Then we have multiplexers and demultiplexers ,these are used in complex logic circuits,when we want that any one of the input can be selected to appear as the output. Demultiplexer do the reverse process of multiplexer.

ADC is analogue to digital converter .Similarly DAC is digital to analogue converter.Some advantages and disadvantages are mentioned below.

Advantage of Digital System :   

  1. Digital circuit are less affected by noise.
  2. Input maintain there quality over long distances.
  3. Signal carry more information per second than analog signals.
  4. Digital signal system are generally easy to design.
  5. Reprogramming is possible.
  6. Size and Cost is less .
  7. Power dissipation is less.
  8.  Memories are stable.
  9.  Information Storage is easy.


Real world is mainly analog, human does not understand digital data.

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