Objective of research

Let’s try to answer “What are the objectives of research ?”

Objective of research is to discover answer to the question through the application of scientific procedures.

The main objective of research is to find out the truth which is hidden and which has not been discovered yet.

So research objective is “what the research is trying to achieve.”

Though each research has its own specific objective.

We may think of research objectives as comes into a number of groups ;

  • Formulative research
  • Descriptive research
  • Diagnostic research
  • Hypothesis-testing research

Let’s see one by one ;

Formulative research

To gain good knowledge of something with a phenomenon or to get new insight into it.

Descriptive research

To describe the characteristic of a particular individual ,situation or a group.

Diagnostic research

It determines the frequency with which something occurs or how it is associated with something.

hypothesis-testing research

To test hypothesis of relationship between variables comes under this.

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