ohm’s law mcqs

Ohm’s law mcqs

1.The condition for the validity of Ohm’s law is that the

   A. Temperature should remain constant

   B. Current should be proportional to voltage

   C. Resistance must be wire wound type

   D. All of the above

2.Ohm’s law is not applicable to

   A. Semiconductors

   B. D.C. circuits

   C. Small resistors

   D. High currents

3.Ohm’s law in point form in field theory can be expressed as

   A. V = RI

   B. J = E/σ

   C. J = σE

   D. R = ρl/A

4. 1 microvolt is

   A. 1 × 10-3 V

   B. 1 × 10-4 V

   C. 1 × 10-5 V

   D. 1 × 10-6 V

5.Resistance of carbon filament lamp………as the applied voltage increases.

   A. Increases

   B. Decreases

   C. Remains same

   D. None of the above

6.International ohm is defined in terms of the resistance of

   A. A column of mercury

   B. A cube of carbon

   C. A cube of copper

   D. The unit length of wire

7.Two incandescent light bulbs of 40 W and 60 W ratings are connected in series across the mains. Then

   A. The bulbs together consume 100 W

   B. The bulbs together consume 50 W

   C. The 60 W bulb glows brighter

   D. The 40 W bulb glows brighter

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8.Four 100 W bulbs are connected in parallel across 200 V supply line. If one bulb gets fused

   A. No bulb will light

   B. All the four bulbs will light

   C. Rest of three bulbs will light

   D. Above B and C

9.The ampere is unit of resistance.



10.How much current is produced by a voltage 18kV across a 15 k ohm resistance.




None of these

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11.Ohm’s law is applicable to

   A. Semiconductors

   B. Vacuum tubes

   C. Carbon resistors

   D. None of these

Ohm's law mcqs
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