Research problem

What is a research problem?

First we’ll see,

what is a problem?

Problem is a situation that needs attention and need to be solved.

For example ,when it is raining and you don’t have an umbrella.It’s a problem. You have to deal with it.

And what ‘research’ is ?

Research is ” search of something new “.

Now, What is a research problem ?

Combinedly we can say,

In simple words, it is the difficulty the researcher experience and try to obtain or search solution for the same.

In other words, It is a difficulty, which a researcher experiences in the context of either theoretical or practical situations.

Who is the researcher? Answer is “Someone who conducts research”.


A research problem is a question set out by researcher to answer.

It can be defined as :

“research problem” is a statement which describes the situation to be studied.

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